from the inside out.

InsideOut Fitness is a boutique fitness studio that offers premier barre and cycle classes. Our safe, fun, and challenging classes effectively foster your transformation from the inside out. There are a lot of group fitness classes out there. But our community truly sets us apart. The relationships built at InsideOut Fitness encourage self-care and love. They applaud positive transformation in an inspirational and unprecedented way.

Begin your journey to Reset Connect and Transform – from the inside out.

Kim + Andrew Thompson brought this cutting-edge barre and cycle studio to Bloomington in 2015 with the goal of creating a space where women and men leave feeling stronger and happier than when they entered. Nothing brings them more joy than changing others’ lives through group fitness. Just as it has changed theirs.

Meet Our Instructors

Kim Thompson

Barre + Cycle Instructor

Lacey Glandon

Lead Cycle Instructor

Whitney Ray

Lead Barre Instructor

Andrew Thompson

Cycle Instructor

Candice Hudgens

Cycle Instructor

Stephanie Foor

Barre + Cycle Instructor

Elise Hurley

Cycle Instructor

Tina Wenzel

Barre Instructor

Catherine Poffenbarger

Barre + Cycle Instructor

Nikki Reiland

Barre Instructor

Meg McCormick

Cycle Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

How is IO Fitness different from other Group Fitness?

We want the hour you spend at InsideOut to be the best hour of your day. Our classes are thoughtfully designed to create a full-body workout that encourages you to bring your focus inward.

This focus allows you to reset your day, connect deeply with yourself and create transformation that goes far beyond the studio walls.

This deep inward focus allows you to challenge your body in the most effective way possible, creating physical transformation that you’ll feel on the inside and see on the outside. Learn more about our class offerings here.

How do I schedule classes?

All barre & cycle classes can be scheduled via our Schedule page or the MindBody Express App.

Schedule a Class Now

We encourage anyone new to InsideOut Fitness to start off with our Intro Offer to best understand how we fit into your unique wellness goals.

If you’re a returning guest, login to our Schedule page or the MindBody Express app using your Dailey Method Bloomington (TDM) log in credentials. You’ll find your full purchase and visit history and you can schedule classes with any valid packages purchased formerly at TDM or currently with InsideOut Fitness.

Can beginners participate?

Both our barre & cycle classes are designed for all fitness levels to be challenged. Modifications are offered throughout our classes to make the work personal to you. Our amazing team of instructors keeps you in the proper alignment for ultimate efficiency and safety.

What do I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. Barre classes require clean socks (grippy socks are for sale at the studio and help but are not required). Cycle classes require clean shoes – either a cycle shoe with an SPD clip or a supportive-soled tennis shoe.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Bring your water bottle!
We have a filling station at the studio. Clear liquids in the barre and cycle studios only, please!

Reset + Recharge

Childcare while you workout

Our Kids’ Room gives children from 6 weeks through 10 years old a fun, safe and supervised place to play while you set aside time for yourself.

Sign Up for Childcare

Add childcare during class registration/sign up.